UltraTimeSeries Cloud

UltraTimeSeries cloud is a fully managed database as a service (DBaaS) offering by TwoImpulse.

Why use UltraTimeSeries cloud?

You love the lighting speed and ease of use of UltraTimeSeries, but you do not want to operate and run UltraTimeSeries by yourself? Then the UltraTimeSeries cloud is the platform of choice for you. This fully managed platform allows you to use UltraTimeSeriies in a database as a services (DbaaS). It includes scalability and ease of use. Just login and start using UltraTimeSeries today.

Cloud plans

All UltraTimeSeries cloud plans include storage, memory, CPU, backup and license costs to run UltraTimeSeries. But no need to worry about this, just choose your preferred plan.

TODO: Describe different packages and provide costs for the different sizes

Small , Medium , Large, Custom Plan

TODO: If you need a custom plan on non virtualized hardware, please feel free to reach out to us using the Support button in the right lower corner.

Trial accounts

If you want to explore UltraTimeSeries and it´s cloud offering, the easiest way is to signup for a free trial account.

How to use UltraTimeSeries cloud


To login to your cloud account

You can login to your UltraTimeSeries cloud account here.

Connect to my UltraTimeSeries database

You can interact with your database through the UltraTimeSeries Database Console (available through the URL associated with your assigned database), in a view-only manner where it is possible to check stored information, statistics based on stored data, and existing alarms.

Additionally, you can interact with the database through the available REST API or with UltraTimeSeries Python SDK.

Requesting additional databases

If you need an additional database, just use the following button to request more. We´ll provision your new database in no time.

Manage my account

The Manage my account section allows you to change your personal and company contact details which are needed for login and billing.

Manage my API keys.

To login to your UltraTimeSeries instance or to interact with your UltraTimeSeries instance via API or the Python SDK, you need an API Key. The API Key tab allows you to manage your API keys.

Standard and custom domains

Your UltraTimeSeries database is available under YOUR-DB.cloud.ultratimeseries.com. If you want To use a custom domain or run UltraTimeSeries on premise, please reach out to us by clicking on the Support button in the right corner of this page.