Getting started - Data Import

Getting to UltraTimeSeries, you'll want to import data, so you can see all the data and features flowing together. Here is how you can do it:

Import data through MQTT and Telegraf

  • You can go through all steps in our guide, here.

Import data from a .csv file using the Python SDK

  • You can go through all steps in our guide as well, here.

Import data with a curl command

We will need a .json file with the following structure:


The command is the following:

curl -X POST ‘uts-url’ --data-binary ‘@path/to/file.json' -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"

For versions without security enabled, running locally, the last part -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" of the command won't be necessary.

For versions with security enabled, you should log in with your API key, then get the access token from the login response and replace {token} with it.