How to use the UltraTimeSeries Docker image

Download and install Docker

Please download and Install Docker from the docker website

Get the latest UltraTimeSeries image from DockerHub

On your console, use the following steps:

  • docker pull twoimpulse/ultratimeseries:latest - The latest image of UltraTimeSeries is being downloaded from Docker Hub to your local machine.

  • Create a local folder pkdb where UltraTimeSeries can store its database files in. `mkdir pkdb

Run the UltraTimeSeries Docker Image

  • docker run -p 8080:8080 -d --name=<choose a container name> -v <path to pkdb folder>/pkdb/:/pkdb twoimpulse/ultratimeseries:latest

  • You can freely choose choose a container name so you can reference your container more easily.

  • If you want to use a particular version of UltraTimeSeries, replace latest by the version you want to run.

  • By default, UltraTimeSeries will be accessible on the host system on port 8080. If you want to use a different port, please specify it. You may have a look at the reference for port mappings.

Please be aware that UltraTimeSeries is currently not support on Docker with Apple M1 Silicon chipset.

Accessing the UltraTimeSeries database console

In your browser, please open http://localhost:8080 or the port you specified instead of 8080 to access the UltraTimeSeries database console.

You should see the UltraTimeSeries login page which has no security. Please be aware that data is exposed openly. If you need a secured instance, please speak to us.

UltraTimeSeries Admin UI